Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chinese New Year Celebration in Singapore

Chinese New Year or sometimes we called as Lunar New Year is celebrated on starts of the Lunar calendar, which usually falls between late January until late Februari . The celebration last for about two weeks. It is celebrated in China and all around the world especially in area inhibited by Chinese people. No exception in Singapore. Chinese tradition says that in Lunar New Year celebration all debts from the past should be cleared, with homes spring-cleaned and new clothing to wear, a brand new start. Chinese New Year is also become a moment for a family to reaffirm ties with a good dinner that traditionally takes place on the eve of the New Year.
Chinese New Year celebration in Singapore is also known as the ‘Chun Jie’ festival. The major events of this grand festival include Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations, Chingay Parade of Dreams and Singapore River Hong Bao. The event of ‘Cap Goh Mei’ is conducted on the last day of the final day of this magnificent celebration.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bunaken the underwater paradise

Do you like enjoying a beautiful scenery? How about beautiful underwater scenery? It absolutely can be your unforgettable moment in your life.You should try to visit one of the most beautiful underwater scenery in the world, in Bunaken Marine Park.
The Bunaken National Marine Park was established in 1991 and is located on North Sulawesi province, Indonesia. The park area is about 89,065 hectares, which only 3% is terrestrial, including Bunaken Island. It is well known for its amazing underwater aquatic ecosystem.

The waters are really deep (1566 m in Manado Bay), quite clear (up to 35-40 m visibility), refreshing in temperature (27-29 C) .You can find a lot of species of tropical fish and coral reefs here. The gobies, smallish fish with bulging eyes and modified fins that allow them to attach to hard surfaces, are the most diverse but least known group of fish in the park.While, Big fish like marlin, tuna, stingrays, sailing, skipjack, barracuda, hammerhead sharks sometimes also seen in these waters.

Phuket 'the pearl of South'

We will discuss about the best tourism in Thailand, Phuket, sometimes it is called as ‘Pearl of South’ the largest island in Thailand. Phuket Island runs 48 kilometers (34 miles) north to south and 21 kilometers (16 miles) east to west. Phuket is broken by a chain of mountains and valleys mainly from a north-south range running down the west coast.
Phuket is connected to the mainland by a short bridge and is accessible by car or bus. While, Phuket International Airport is located in the north of Phuket island. The island itself is divided into three districts Talang in the north, Kathu in the west, and Muang in the south.